Aintree Dove

S: Aintree Nynga x D: Aintree Cascabell

Reg: (Pending)

HH 15.00


Arabian /Stockhorse

~ Dovey ~



Dovey was station bred on "Ellenvale Station", 70,000 acres of gorgeous hill's and plenty of rock to harden any horses hooves.

I fist fell in love with Dove when I saw her and a large group of horses galloping past the station homestead.

My eye's went straight to her & I immediatley asked Tammy who she was. 

With a laugh and a "trust you to notice that one!" from Tammy, I was informed that she was actually a part Arab /Stock horse mare who was being broken in & sold at the next Toomba Stock Horse Sales.

Well that was it for me, Tammy allowed me to purchase Dove to become part of the Allira Park herd.

Initially I didn't have many plans for Dove other than to put her in foal but she quickly became one of my favourite riding horses and so has gone on to do endurance where she completed numerous 40's, 80's, 160km rides  & even the Tom Quilty.

Dove has also successfully competed in Campdrafting, dressage & hacking events.

A true very tough allrounder mare.  

In 2014 our aim is to compete in the local Working Equitation comps.  


Dove at a Hack Day 2011 ridden by Bridget Brown.

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Tom Qulity Gold Cup 2013
Tom Qulity Gold Cup 2013

Ridden by Caroline Symonds. Photo by Sue Crockett

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Racheal & Dove Working Equitation State Champs 2014.

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