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S: Poldark X D: Allira Park Musane

Service Fee $1000.00

REG. S19395
DOB. 14.10.1994
HH. 14.2

Wing's Progeny




Allira Park Dark Wings was the last colt foal bred by Sue Andrews before allowing his father, the great Poldark, to retire with Geoff & Jodi of Wickwood Arabians in NSW. 


"Wings" as he is affectionatley known, is only 1 of 2 remaining stallions alive today sired by Poldark.

Wings has had a varied life to say the least over the last 10 years, but has finally come home to Allira Park and WillowVale to retire himself at the tender age of 19 years young.


Wing's has now started to live the life of luxury with constant companionship of everyone & everything, being paddocked smack bang in the centre of everything, he now gets to know what really being part of a herd means.

He has put on a stack of weight since arriving so new current pics of him will be up soon!

 Wing's will continue to be used to breed with our current broodmares to ensure the continuation of these fabulous bloodlines!


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