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Allira Park

Wings of Destiny

S: Allira Park Dark Wings x D: Allira Park Light Flame


Reg: F26943



Purebred Arabian

~ Princess Destiny ~



Destiny is my current pride & joy & will remain so if I can stop my 7 year old son from stealing her!


She's such a beautifully soft mare.

Destiny is the full sister to Allira Park Wings of Magic, but posses's a softness about her where Magic had power & strength.

We call her the true "Princess" of Allira Park.


Destiny was aptly named by Sue Shea at birth signifying Allira Park as "Sue's Destiny", however subject to heartbreaking circumstances for Sue, Destiny was sold to Splitters Creek Arabians.

Unfortunatley for Splitters Creek, due to drought, I was given the opportunity to purchase Destiny & bring her home to Allira Park where it quickly became apparent that Destiny & Allira Park had become very muh my Destiny as much as Sue's.

Destiny has completed a couple of endurance rides but due to my desire of a change in disciplines, Destiny will continue her riding career doing Natural Horsemanship and competing in Working Equitation & Western Dressage.



~ Destiny is a matter of choice, and chance ~

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