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S: Amir El Shaklan x D: Bint Bint Sascha F A


Reg: F25018

HH 15.00


Purebred Arabian





~ The Barbie Doll Horse ~



Meskarri is adorned by all who lay eyes on her, especially young girls, most just wanting to brush her long wavy locks & she loves every bit of the attention.

We call Meskarri the “Barbie Doll Horse” because she is exactly the type of horse barbie would want to ride!


Meskarri is lightly ridden in endurance & on trails, she has competed in hack days & dressage but all outings she is normally ridden by nervous novice riders.

She has a beautiful nature to go with her beautiful looks.

Meskarri was bought some years ago as an out cross for my Allira Park stallions.

Not only does she have the perfect nature and looks but also extremely good bloodlines, her sire being Amir El Shaklan going back to El Shaklan & Sascha with her dams side going back to Shaikh Al Badi & Sascha.

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