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S: Allira Park Wings of Power x D: Allira Park Solitary Star


Reg: Pending

HH 14.3



Purebred Arabian



Allira Park

Power House

~ Hussy ~



Hussy lives up to her name, she is literally a Power House, one huge ball of muscle. Hussey is currently still unbroken only due to lack of time on my part but broken in & put into competition she’d be a force to be reakoned with.

She will be retained by Allira Park as she is the last foal to be born from AP Solitary Star before she died & also the last foal to be born from AP Wings of Power before he was gelded.

Hussy certainly has the best from both parents lines with a solid, well muscled body from nose to backside with excellent strong bone structure & thickness but also having the beautifully feminine head & neck of her mother, Solly, going back to the Russian side.


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