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Reference Horses

Here you will find a bit of history on the Allira Park horses, why myself & Sue Shea have devoted our lives to them & just how amazing the bloodlines really are.




meaning "War Horse"


S: Spindrift x D: Hestia

Allira Park is proud to have based our breeding on AETHON’S bloodlines and also the bloodlines of his dam HESTIA through the mare ARABESQUE STARDUST (s. Abiram imp).

Both AETHON and HESTIA are classical Arabians with the most sound conformation, temperament, presence and breathtaking movement.

Aethon was bred by Claire Proudford in 1963. 

He was an incredible Arabian and Show horse, whom pranced into the ring full of fire and power.

He has an unequalled show record:

  5 times (consecutive) Supreme Arabian Exhibit at the Royal Aust. Show Sydney

6 times (consecutive) Supreme Arabian Exhibit at the National Horse and Pony Show


Aethon's bloodlines are one of the most sort after lines in Australia.

He has sired many progeny of which were retained by some of the biggest studs in Australia & overseas.

Aethon is sire to many Champion performance horses, Grand Sire of Champion Performance Horses & Great Grand Sire of Champion Performance Horses.

Aethon's bloodlines on his sire's side go back to; Naseem, Indian Gold, Silver Fire, Oran, Skowronek and Shareer. On his dam's side these go back many cross's to Shahzada, Nejdmieh and Mootrub.


Allira Park & Sue Shea had the pleasure of both owning & showing the 4 Aethon son's; Minataur, Surani, Poldark & Mede and the Aethon daughter's; Cerez & Clemancy.


Further Multi winning Progeny of Aethon include:


Ralvon Aeneas - bred by Ron & Val Males & sold to Donald Himsley to breed numerous professional endurance winners.

Pathan - bred by William Parson's and sire of Seraja - owned by Castlebar Endurance Stables

Maf-ue Sultan - owned by Karen Johanson of Kalkadoon Arabians

Merrinvale Voss - bred by Helen Linsday very successful endurance horse.

Podargebought by the Aust Government & given to the Indian Government as a gift.

Regis - owned by Pam Jones as a successful endurance horse.

Conquero - bred by William Parsons & sire to top endurance horses.

Hawkesbury Impala - recieved 2 x 1st place at the Shazada in the fastest times.

Gaurdsman - bred by the Dept. of Agriculture

Chevali - bred by Claire Proudford & Sire to top endurance horses.

Clemency - owned by Allira Park Arabians & Sold to Meg Wade of Castlebar Endurance.



S: Aethon x D: Wildflower

Minataur was an extremley successful show horse with Allira Park, he was bred by the Department of Agriculture in 1971 and died in 1999.

Minataur was sired by Aethon and so traces back to those lines, however on his dam's side he traces back to horses such as; Shahzada, Rafyk, Mecca, Azrek and Rose of Sharon.

He had sired many sucessful show and endurance horses in his life time all of which had sucess at professional levels. He has a number of progeny which were sold for overseas competition. 

Minataur was a truly versatile Arabian winning in all performance events entered into.

He was awarded Supreme Ridden Exhibit at the AAA Victorian Classic as well as Australian National Champion in Side saddle, Costume and Top Ten awards in Dressage, Western, Harness and Ridden Stallion events.

He was also awarded Australian National Champion in Costume as well as Champion Harness Horse at the Royal Melbourne Show against all breeds, the only purebred Arabian to gain this award at the time.


Sire of the following Endurance Horses -


Allira Park Minarian – multiple 1st & Best Conditioned in rides between 80 & 120km rides, 1999 1st & Best Conditioned Canberra FEI 160km, 1999 QERA Fest. 160km 2nd MW, 2002 FEI 3* 160km 7th MW, 2002 QLD State Champs 1st Jun, 2002 Tom Quilty 36th MW, 2003 200km ride 7th MW, 2004 QLD State Champs 1st Junior.

Allira Park Taurian – Top 10 120km FEI, 1st & placed in numerous 80km rodes in HW & MW divisions.

Allira Park Minoan – UAE Emmirate series winner

Allira Park Star Minoan (exp UAE) - Canberra FEI 160km 4th Place, NSW Champs 160km 2nd place MW, placed in 80 to 120km rides in top 10 riding Junior to HW.





S: Aethon x D: Siren

Surani was bred by Caroline Upjohn in 1973 and died in 1995. He was another very sucessful show horse and prevelant sire in his day. Being sired by Aethon, Surani's sire lines go back to the same as Minataur however his dam's side consist of the following; Shahzada, Nadir, Nejdmieh, Rafyk, Azrek and Rose of Sharon.

Surani's lineage can still be closley found today in a few of the remaining "golden oldies" of Allira Park.

Surani was a true ambassador for the Arabian breed with wins in all performance events entered, including open eventing classes.

His progeny have also excelled in the endurance field with wins and best conditioned awards.

They are Vacari, Reveden Chips, Reveden Shakari and Allira Park Mzuri Star (Dam of Allira Park Dark Secret).

Mzuri has won in all divisions of endurance; Junior, Light weight, Middle weight and Heavy weight with her fastest time for 80km at 3hrs 30min's.


Sire of the following Endurance Horses -

VACARI – 1 st SA Championships



ALLIRA PARK MZURI STAR - multiple 1st placing in Heavy Weight, Middle Weight, Light Weight & Juniour Division's.




S: Aethon x D: Bettina

Poldark was the last stallion our stud purchased by AETHON, his most look a like son.

He was used over our home bred stallion, Star Gazer, daughters to bring a more concentrated pedigree of the Aethon / Hestia lines, to breed the elite athelete for all performance fields.

Poldark inherited Aethon's correct conformation, impressive presence, trainable temperament and also the absolutely breath taking movement of seemingly gliding across the ground without touching it.

Poldark, like the Aethon bred stallion's before him, continued the success in the show ring and open performance field.

One of his most memorable halter wins was gaining Supreme Arabian Exhibit, then going on and being awarded Grand Champion Exhibit of the Show against all breeds at an A class show.

Poldark won two Novice and two Elementary dressage tests on the same day, in open official EFA competions.

A true ambassador for the Arabian breed.

It is also Poldark's progeny whom have really caused a stir amoungst the endurance scene. 


Poldark is the sire & Grand sire of the following Profesional superstars:


Allira Park Quick & Easy (exp UAE) 2005 QLD State Champs 8th place LW, 2006 5th MW 160km Ride, 2006 Tom Quilty Gold Cup, 2009 5th Place in 320km Marathon MW division and numerous win's & placings in 80 to 120km rides.

Allira Park Dark Side of the Moon - Best Conditioned  & placings in UAE

Allira Park Cindark - 2000 ACT State Champs 7th place, numerous placings in 80 to 120km rides in top 10 ridden MW & HW.

Allira Park Dark Kingdom – Placed heavy weight & Light weight in numerous rides. 

Allira Park Prince of Light – 2006 12th Place Tom Quilty MW, 2006 1st HW 100km Ride, 2005 1st Place NSW State Champs Middle Weight, Numerous win's & placings MW & HW in 80km rides.

Allira Park Eagle Rock - 1st & 2nd placings in 80km rides, completed 1ookm rides in the Junior division.

Tribal - 1994 Tom Quilty 7th place, 1996 NSW Champs 5th place LW, multi winner and placegetter also the sire of: 

              - Castlebar Treaty - 2002 World Endurance Comp 4th place, 

              - Nashmi - 3rd and Best Cond 2005 World Endurance Comp, 1st Presidents Cup Qld Australia, = 1st Tom Quilty

              - Castlebar Talisman - top 5 Heavy Weight Tom Quilty, 1999 Qld State Champ 1st Heavy Weight & Best Cond, 2000                    FEI 100km 1st Heavy Weight, 2001 Windorah Top 10 Middle weight, 2002 UAE President's Cup Top 10.

              - Castlebar Musteke 2 x 1st Shahzada, 6th Tom Quilty

              - Castlebar MacLeod -14th World Endurance Comp 

Oakleigh Park Phasaad - 

Oakleigh Park Silver Shadow - 3000km , top 5’s 4th at Shahzada

Zakah Zahara (exp UAE) - wins 2007 European Championship Endurance Ride, 2008 Gold Medal Winner for team at the World Endurance Comp.

Allira Park (Shuja) Dark Royalty - placed in 80km rides Junior division.

Allira Park (Shuja) Bint Melika - 2006 Vic State Champ 3rd LW, 2008 FEI 160km 8th LW, 2008 Vic State Champ 5th LW, 2011 Smythdale 160km 1st LW, 2011 Vic State Champs 2nd LW, 2012 Vic State Champs 2nd LW and multiple wins & placing between 80 & 120km rides LW & MW.

Flying Circus Ring Master - 2011 Tom Quity 3rd LW, 2012 Vic State Chmps 2nd LW, multiple wins & placings in 80 to 120km rides.

Rowallan Dark Lad - ridden & placed in numerous 80 to 120km rides by Craig Ellison.





Poldark is also the sire of our stud's oldest remaining stallion, Allira Park Dark Wings.

Of course AP Dark Wings (aka Wings) is the sire of:

Allira Park Wings of Magic - ridden by myself until her far too early death in 2013.

Allira Park Wings of Destiny - ridden by myself for Working Equitation & Western Dressage.

Allira Park Wings of Silver - owned & sucessfully shown by Performance Park Arabians.

Allira Park Wings of an Eagle - very successful Endurance horse & sire.

Allira Park Wings of Power - ridden by Dr Chris Pretorius in Endurance.

Allira Park Wings of Fortune - very successful Endurance mare.

Allira Park Wings of Elegance - owned by Annie McCambridge

Allira Park Wings of Fire - 2009 Tom Quilty 2nd place Junior, numerous placings i 80 to 120km rides in Junior, MW & LW divisions.


In his later year's, due to a change of circumstances for Sue, Poldark was sold to Geoff & Jodi of Wickwood Arabian's where he sired, Wickwood Dark Image

Poldark died in April 2006 at the age of 27 years young.




S: El Shareef x D: Arabesque Stardust 

Star Gazer has won in many performance fields including harness, ridden, sidesaddle, costume and western pleasure. He was awarded Top Ten in these events at the Australian National Championships.



His progeny, AP Disco Star, AP Star Invader and AP Super Star have excelled in the show ring and open EFA dressage.

AP Star Cavallier (exp UAE) has been awarded 1st and best conditoned as well as being ranked 8th on the world endurance list in 2001Ridden by Hirstglen Endurance for 80 to 160km rides with placings always within the top 7.

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