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S: Allira Park Solitary Flame x D: Rowallan Dark Diamond


Not For Public Stud


REG. S23669
DOB. 21.12.2002









~ Wee Man ~



As he is affectionately know, is a little man with a massive heart!

Wee Man is still today the boldest horse I have ever had the pleasure of breaking in & riding. From the first ride he ever had no matter what I asked of him or faced him up to he would try his heart out to achieve it. He was such a quiet natured little trooper he would be forever borrowed by friends to take on trips & outings to the beach & bush.

Unfortunately due to an injury sustained on one such outing he was never able to compete to his full ability, unable to be ridden again.

Prior to his injury he was casually legged up doing 20 & 40km endurance rides with a nervous novice rider and competed in one show which was a massive success for him, winning Reserve Champion Ridden Stallion at an "A" class Arabian show.

This little man has a pedigree any serious endurance rider would die for with lineage back to Aethon, Aswan, Nadira, Spindrift & Delos, to name a few.

His temperament & trainability are second to none, standing true to form of those of the Allira Park Lineage.

Wee Man’s progeny all have that “WoW” factor and are normally the first to be admired by buyers.

I’m proudest to say that to date all Wee Man’s progeny are as quiet, bold & beautiful as he is.


Wee-Man progeny

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